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At Forever Loved Cat Rescue, all of our resident cats and kittens are cared for in private family homes with dedicated  fosterers. There is no 'centre' with pens.

Who can apply?

We are always looking to recruit new fosterers. This would suit most households where the cats will have a reasonable amount of human contact. Fosterers with cat friendly animals are also welcome. It is beneficial to have a room where the cat can be separated from other animals initially. Some cats will mix with resident pets, however some cats need to remain separated for the duration of their stay, it very much depends on personality.

What would I need to do?

All food, litter and equipment is provided. You would need to be able to get to Elland, HX5 to collect food, treatments and supplies. Food and litter is collected in bulk so would need to be collected in a car, there is too much to be managed on public transport. Fosterers need to be able to take the cat to vet appointments. Again, this would need to be in a car. Cats can not be taken to the vets on public transport. Fosterers will sometimes need to administer medication prescribed by the vet. Full support is given. We use Donaldsons vets for all appointments so you must be able to get any foster cats to a branch of Donaldsons for neutering, vaccinations and medical care as needed. There may be occasions where they need to be seen at the Mirfield branch. Appointments can generally be made at a day and time to suit you unless the cat needs emergency care.

Will I be made to take ANY cat?

Any cats we receive a request to take in, are matched with an appropriate foster home. It is purely voluntary and you would not be expected to take a cat you didn’t want.

What if I took a cat and it didn’t get along in my home or I can not manage it?

You would not be expected to keep a cat in foster if there are issues. Support would be given to help settle the cat, or if needed we would move the cat to another Fosterer as soon as we are able.

Can I let the foster cat out in the garden?

No. All foster cats must be kept indoors at all times. Doors and windows need to be kept shut at all times to prevent escape. Windows can be opened on a safety lock.

I wouldn’t want to let them go!

Fostering is very rewarding. It can be easy to fall in love with the cats who come in to foster and it is hard seeing the first few leave. But when you see the fantastic homes they are going to, and how much love they will be getting, it makes it easy to say goodbye. It gives you huge satisfaction to know you were part of their journey and gave them safety and happiness at a time when they had no one 🥰 by letting them go, you are also ready to help the next cat 🐈 


Potential adopters are often keen to arrange face to face viewings prior to adoption. We arrange these with Fosterers by appointment only, when the adopter has had a successful homecheck. 

Please note, since the Covid pandemic, we are not carrying out physical homechecks or viewings. This is all done remotely by photos, videos or video calls.

How do I sign up?

If you would be interested in finding out more about fostering, please complete the form below. If you live in rented accommodation, we would need a screenshot of the section in your rental agreement that states you can keep pets, or an email from your landlord to

How do I get more information or ask more questions? 

Please email or call us on 07393126483.

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