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Surrender a Cat / Waiting List

At Forever Loved Cat Rescue, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working towards. If a cat is not happy in its current home, its owners are unable to continue to care for it, or if a cat does not have a home, we are keen to help them find a new forever family or outdoor placement. 
We are often full, as we do not like to leave empty spaces when as many cats as possible can be helped. We do, however, keep a waiting list and all cats that come in to rescue, are taken in via the waiting list. Cats and kittens are admitted from the waiting list in priority order and dependant on having a suitable Fosterer to match the needs of the cat. 
If you need to surrender a cat, please click the link below, to complete a surrender form and add them to our waiting list. Please give as much information as possible to enable us to match to the right Fosterer and to see if we have a suitable adopter waiting to adopt. We do facilitate some direct rehoming where possible if cats are already neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Once we have your surrender form we are able to see if and how we can help.
Waiting times depend on our capacity and how quickly our resident cats are getting Rehomed.  we can sometimes take in straight away but at times it can take a number of weeks. We have no way of knowing how long the wait will be as spaces are dependant on cats being chosen for rehoming. 
Please note, we are a very small rescue run by one person who also has a family and a job in the NHS so messages can not always be responded to immediately. We get numerous messages every single day from people wanting to surrender cats and very few spaces unfortunately. We do our best to help as much as we can and appreciate your patience.

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